Sexual Harassment in the Christian Workplace - Executive Report 2020

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  • Sexual Harassments in the Church Executive Report 2020
  • Sexual Harassments in the Church Executive Report 2020 -- TOC


Sexual harassment is a reality that cannot be ignored.
When nurturing a safe, productive, and enjoyable work environment, establishing and enforcing effective sexual harassment policies are crucial. That is why Church Law & Tax conducted the 2020 research project on the Church and Parachurch Ministries Workplace Environment and included the findings in this, Sexual Harassment in the Christian Workplace – Executive Report.
This resource not only sheds light on this sensitive topic, but also gets your church asking the right questions in order to create sound policies, help implement steps that prevent negative behaviors, and provide outlets for individuals to speak up and report inappropriate behavior.
As you navigate through the details of this report, you will gain a deeper understanding of the emotional cost of sexual harassment and be on the way to ensuring a work culture that encourages edifying speech, treats each person respectfully, and demonstrates that each person is made in the image of God.
This report will help your church confidently identify and understand:      
  • What classifies as sexual harassment and who can be affected by it
  • Common responses to harassment
  • Insights from attorneys, other experts, and more
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