Preventing High-Tech Fraud

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Church fraud typically centers on the risk of embezzlement. With the rapid growth and development of technological tools though, there's now a new point of concern: cyber threats. This downloadable resource, brought to you by Church Finance Today, examines the new and growing trend toward high-tech fraud. You'll learn practices for preventing embezzlement through electronic funds transfers, identity and data theft, and computer forgery. We'll explore each tactic so your church can best address its vulnerabilities and take action to prevent high-tech fraud.

The New Shape of Church Fraud
Advances in technology mean new security threats to congregations.
by Verne Hargrave

Click With Caution
Open e-mails, browse the Web, and buy church supplies safely with these guidelines.
by Nick Nicholaou

Don't Make a Dumb Move on Your Smartphone
Cell phones and tablets provide new opportunities for perpetrators of church fraud.
by Richard R. Hammar

Phishing in Murky Waters
Online scam asks victims to provide information to legitimate-appearing websites.
by Brotherhood Mutual Insurance Company and Lindsey Learn

Cyberspace Invaders
Malware, spyware, adware and other threats can erode computer security.
by Brotherhood Mutual Insurance Company

Keeping Financial Data from Prying Eyes
Firewalls, patches, and backups help protect your members' personal data.
by Brotherhood Mutual Insurance Company

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