Essential Guide to Copyright Law for Churches

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  • Essential Guide to Copyright Law for Churches
  • Protect Your Ministry from Copyright Violations
  • Essential Guide to Copyright Law for Churches
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An easy-to-use reference for all the copyright issues churches encounter in the course of their weekly activities. From photocopying sheet music to posting Internet content, noted church attorney, Richard Hammar, explains how to avoid copyright infringement, as well as how to protect the copyrighted works of ministers and staff.

Richard Hammar has years of experience interpreting complex laws that affect churches and clergy. The Essential Guide to Copyright Law for Churches is fully updated and easy-to-understand for church leaders, musicians, clergy, choir directors and other professionals as well as lay leaders. This comprehensive guide should be part of every church office's library of resources! Especially helpful is the "Application of Copyright Law to Church" chapter which offers quick answers to the most common questions churches face regarding copyright issues. 

This valuable ministry resource contains accurate information (reviewed in 2023) and provides an easy-use reference for key copyright questions. Take advantage of this great sale price!

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"An extremely insightful & useful tool for churches & church leaders. Richard Hammar's materials always provide an incredible wealth of knowledge, & this book does not disappoint. It is both practical & informative." David Middlebrook, Attorney
“This book [The Essential Guide to Copyright Law for Churches] captures everything a church needs to make decisions on copyright law.” Kent Morris, President, Cornerstone Media Group
“This text includes dozens of direct, church-related examples to help understand copyright law. Plus, this book includes extensive coverage of digital issues—YouTube, social media, web and more.” Terrell Sanders, Executive Director,
“Churches will learn to comply with the law and operate above reproach, thanks to this book [Essential Guide to Copyright Law for Churches].” Frank Sommerville, J.D., CPA, Shareholder, Weycer, Kaplan, Pulaski & Zuber, P.C.
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