Charitable Contributions PDF Bundle

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  • Charitable Contributions PDF Bundle
  • Charitable Contributions PDF Bundle
  • Charitable Contributions PDF Bundle
  • Charitable Contributions PDF Bundle
  • Charitable Contributions PDF Bundle
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Save 25% by ordering this bundle of four great resources on managing charitable contributions.

Receipts for Donors

Providing receipts for donors and following Internal Revenue Service guidelines are essential to keeping your church financially accountable; it also will help further the generosity of church members and friends.

  • Includes 16 letters and forms for providing receipts to donors for several different kinds of donations
  • Information on which Internal Revenue Service guidelines and forms you will need to be in compliance as a donation recipient in receipt of tangible, non-monetary gifts

Increase Giving at Church

Learn how to talk about giving and inspire people to live generously. Discover strategies to cultivate a culture of giving at your church, including how to teach on giving and how to live by example.

Church Fundraising Campaigns

Raising thousands of dollars for a special project is no simple task for churches. Use this guide to determine if it's worth hiring a professional fundraiser, learn about the availability of grants, and discover tips on raising and borrowing money.

Best Practices for Receiving Charitable Contributions

Church leaders need to know principles of legal giving and receiving to safeguard the coffers, as well as the church's reputation. For instance, if one of your members decides she wants to surprise your pastor with a monetary gift, and she wants to benefit from a tax write-off at the same time, she's making what the IRS would call an illegal contribution. Our government frowns on people funneling money to a particular person in the church's name just for the benefit of tax-savings. In simple terms, when people make a charitable contribution, they give up control of the offering and let the church manage the donation. This download is designed to provide you practical help and clear understanding on some of the issues surrounding charitable contributions.


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