50-State Public Accommodations Laws Report

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This resource provides a 50-state survey of public accommodations laws, as well as the public accommodations ordinance of the most-populated city in each state. By the end of this resource, church leaders will be able to identify when and where these statutes affect their congregations, thus helping them:
  • Better understand their rights and responsibilities;
  • Understand ways to effectively minimize potential legal liabilities; 
  • Balance ministry goals and outreach opportunities with those potential legal liabilities.
Answers to the following questions, and more, will be uncovered in this resource as well:
  • How do public accommodations laws affect churches?
  • Which states have public accommodation laws--and which ones don't?
  • Why are local public accommodations ordinances important?  
  • Are there exemptions to these laws and ordinances for religious organizations?
  • How do penalties vary?
  • Do religious freedom laws offer protections to churches facing public accommodations conflicts?
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