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Juvenile Offenders in the Church

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Screening volunteers, checking references, performing criminal background checks, implementing the two-adult rule these are just some of the measures churches are taking to protect their children from potential sex offenders. But how can a church protect its children from juveniles who sexually abuse their own peers or younger children in their care?

The reality is this is a difficult problem for any church to solve. No one wants to talk about sex offenders, let alone juvenile offenders who may be in our midst. And yet statistics indicate that youth are victimizing other youth. This download was created to help raise awareness of the issue of juvenile sexual misconduct and what churches need to know to prevent it from occurring among the young people in their congregation.

Handling Sexual Misconduct Among Minors in the Church
Basics for protecting children from peer-on-peer abuse.
by Tyler Charles

Protecting Kids from Other Kids
The risks of sexual abuse between youth.
by Tyler Charles

Recognizing the Threat of Youth Sexually Abusing Youth
It happens. Here's what you need to know.
by Todd Hertz

When a Juvenile Sex Offender Comes to Church
Seven tips to help reduce your church's potential liability.
by Richard R. Hammar

Screening Teen Workers
How to select suitable underage volunteers without using a background check.
by Richard R. Hammar

What to Know About Youth Sex Offenders
Information to raise awareness.
from Campaign for Youth Justice

The Least Suspected Sex Offenders
Surprising statistics about two often overlooked types of offenders.
from The U.S. Department of Justice

A Look at Sexual Aggression in Children
Juvenile sex offense trends.
by Melanie Ramos-Llana

Sample Personal Reference Form
from Reducing the Risk

Sample Student Helper Covenant
from Willow Creek Community Church

Sample Protection Program for Student Helpers
from Willow Creek Community Church

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