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We recently launched a new online tool, ChurchSalary. It is an interactive compensation tool that allows you to generate compensation reports for specific positions in the church. The research efforts that created the data in the Compensation Handbook are now powering ChurchSalary. Plus, ChurchSalarys survey efforts are ongoing and regularly updating the tool with new data. ChurchSalary is replacing and improving upon the printed Compensation Handbook. ChurchSalary also includes local cost of living information, retirement and debt calculators, non-ministry job comparisons, personal finance tools and tips, and a whole lot more. We hope you’ll check it out! 


Get the confidence you need to know your compensation plan is reasonable and fair. The 2018 Compensation Handbook for Church Staff clearly presents comparisons on key compensation components for the following positions:

  • Solo Pastor
  • Senior Pastor
  • Associate Pastor
  • Executive/Administrative Pastor
  • Youth Pastor
  • Adult Ministry/Christian Education Pastor/Director
  • Children's/Preschool Director
  • Music/Choir Director
  • Administrator
  • Bookkeeper/Accountant
  • Administrative Assistant
  • Custodian
  • Media/Communications Director
  • Part-time Musician/Vocalist
  • Part-time Child-Care Providers

Based on national survey results, the compensation profiles are classified by part-time, full-time, church size, income budget, and geographical setting. Each position’s compensation levels are presented based on personnel characteristics including: years employed, denomination, region, gender, and educational training. In addition, compensation profiles are broken down by categories so you can easily determine:

  • Base salary
  • Retirement
  • Health insurance
  • Housing allowance & parsonage
  • Life insurance
  • Continuing education

With the easy-to-use Compensation Handbook for Church Staff you can compare your plan to other churches that have similar positions and demographics and create compensation packages that are both impartial and reasonable.

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